Her stolen look with Ester Exposito and 6 bikinis and sigh on social networks

Those followers Danna Paula They were familiar with his work on the Netflix series Mexico.Elite“, the same one where they met the actress Ester detection He gave life to the character Carla Rosen Caleruga With this he won the hearts of millions of viewers. Apart from being a professional in front of the cameras, she is also a model of unique beauty, which has given her millions of followers on social networks.

Being a recognized person who enjoys the nectar of youth, it is only natural that she is very active on her virtual accounts as she is 22 years old. It is at these places that he shares bits of his personal and professional life. In the same way, he shows off his vacation trips where he relaxes in the best places and has a wonderful time. One of his favorite natural settings is the ocean and the beach.

Ester Exposito is 22 years old (Photo: IG @ester_exposito)

In this sense, Ester detection Bathing suits and showed off her slim, yet beautiful figure Bikini Flirting and it will not go unnoticed anywhere. On Instagram, his followers are more than 28.5 million followers They always thank you for the snapshots you post from the sand or the pool; All kinds of flattering and traditional avalanches”Like it“Immerse yourself in each of these.

Ester Exposito was born on January 26, 2000 in Madrid (Photo: IG @ester_exposito)

Ester Exposito and Stolen Bikinis sigh

At the age of 22, Ester detection She has become one of the most prominent actresses of the moment, so it’s only natural that everyone wants to know about her. A few days ago the manager Angel Exposito, who happened to be her uncle, interviewed her. In it, she asserted that “Elite” “changed her life not only professionally, but also personally.” “She’s the only character I’ve been around for so long,” COPE reported.

Ester Exposito is a lover of the beach and sea (Photo: IG @ester_exposito)
Ester Exposito was pushed to victory after participating in “Elite” (Photo: IG @ester_exposito).

Your current plan VenusIn which he shared a bit on his Instagram, in the future (2023) he will have to record a film in the Spanish capital: “In January I start recording my next film MadridAn allegorical horror scripted by a great director and one of Spain’s best screenwriters”, he explained.

Ester Fowling He was born on January 26, 2000 in Madrid. Although interested in show business from an early age, he was able to take courses related to it till the age of 16. Among her successes, she won the Madrid Theater Awards for Best Actress in 2013 and 2015 for her role in the micro-theatre Woman in Red. “Whis a Whis” series in 2016.

Ester Exposito has 28.6 million followers on Instagram (Photo: IG @ester_exposito)
Ester Exposito appears in the production of “Venus” (Photo: IG @ester_exposito)

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