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Caitlin Jenner at the Glamor Press event in November 2016Jordan Strauss / A.P.

The rumors are over. Caitlin Jenner, A former Olympic athlete and television celebrity, has officially announced his entry into the race for the California government this Friday. The announcement comes after weeks of unconfirmed editions and speculation about his full entry into politics. Jenner, 71, will have to fight with the former mayor and former congressman of San Diego for the Republican nomination. It will do so at a time when Conservative lawmakers have introduced efforts to limit the rights of transgender people. California is holding a special election this fall that will define the term of current governor Democrat Gavin Newsom, who came to power two years ago.

The applicant initiates the documentation required to search for the candidature and then announces the issuance of the formal notice. Jenner, who has lived in the state for nearly 50 years, has been a breath of fresh air that can revive old politics. The recipe used in recent years by foreign candidates such as Donald Trump to revolutionize traditional ways of doing politics. “We want Californians more, more deserving from your governor. Industrial politicians have long promised more, and much less,” Jenner said in a statement.

In 2015, Caitlin surprised the world by announcing that she had changed Bruce Jenner, Olympian Gold winner and father Sisters Kendall and Kylie And the stepmother of the famous Kardashian. Since then, Jenner has become one of the most visible activists in the defense of transgender rights. A fight that will continue in one of the most progressive regions in the United States, but from an economically conservative point of view. Without presenting a more detailed site, the candidate complained that the tax was too high in California.

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Jenner accused Governor NewSom of responding to corporate interests. “Over the past decade, we have seen the light of the state of gold fade into the dominance of one party. [la capital estatal] You need an honest leader with a clear vision … I am a proven winner and the only foreigner who can end a disastrous New Som government, ”he added.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Today he faces a Republican-sponsored election for the sole purpose of removing him from office. The movement was presented during the most severe months of the epidemic, where the politician was accused of incompetence in administration, delays in vaccination and severe isolation measures, which caused a crisis that was not very different from that seen in other parts of the world. The choice is not yet true. In mid-March, 1.2 million signatures were counted for the referendum, which will take place in November. The minimum requirement for a ballot in a petition is 1.5 million signatures. The official figure will come at the end of April, but Jenner’s announcement expects the target to be met.

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Republicans will not see the same situation this fall that triggered the dismissal of NewSom. California has the fastest vaccination rate. More than 27 million vaccines have been given. 34% of its population is already fully vaccinated and 20% is waiting for the second final dose. A few weeks ago, the local government opened the process to people over 16 years of age. With its political future in jeopardy, Newsom announced it would reopen the state by June 15. Since mid-April, the president’s popularity has soared, confirming that his survival in office depends on Californiais seeing a subway light. Newsom has promised that the most populous state in the United States will face pre-epidemic conditions in the summer.

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Jenner’s War is reminiscent of 2003. Later, Democrat Gray Davis, who has been governor since 1999, began his second term. At the beginning of this period, he faced an election to remove him, which he lost in November of that year. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a famous Hollywood actor and retired bodybuilder, came to power as one of the most bizarre politicians that has ever happened in California. The Austrian-born actor followed in the footsteps of Ronald Reagan, who went from local administrator to national stage president in 1981. Schwarzenegger, famous for playing Conan, became the last Republican to occupy Sacramento Capital. His term ended in January 2011. By the end of his second term, his reputation was as low as that of Gray Davis. With his departure came a new era of democratic rule. This is the most recent note from a foreigner who jumped into politics for voters next November.

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