Millay arrives in America to explain his government’s economic plans

Argentina’s president-elect Javier Millay visits the grave of Rabbi Schneerson at the Jewish cemetery in Montefiore, east of New York. EFE/Angel ColmenaresAngel Colmanaras Angel Colmanaras (EFE)

“My allies are America, Israel and the free world,” Argentina’s president-elect ultra Javier Mili likes to say. His first international destination after defeating Peronist Sergio Massa in the election was New York and from there, he traveled to Washington this Monday in a whirlwind trip that mixed diplomatic, business and spiritual ties. According to reports from the far-right party La Libertad Avanza (LLA), led by Milei, the aim is to “explain the economic plan” when the new government takes office on December 10.

In the US capital, the president-elect plans to meet with representatives of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. He will pass by the White House, although he will not see US President Joe Biden, with whom he already spoke on the phone five days after his election victory.

According to National Security Council spokesman John Kirby, the president will not be in Washington to attend the funeral of former first lady Rosalyn Carter in Georgia and participate in a series of economic events in Colorado. However, he will be welcomed by National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and other senior officials in the Office of the President. Kirby did not indicate whether Juan Gonzalez, the person responsible for Latin America policy at the agency, might be among them.

“Unfortunately, the president will not be able to see (Miley) because he is traveling around the country. But we definitely want to look for ways to cooperate with Argentina,” Kirby said. There is an interest in hearing the opinion of the elected head of state in the democratic administration: “Argentina is a dynamic partner on many issues on this continent.” We look forward to hearing the president’s ideas and seeing where he wants to go on policy issues, and we’ll make sure we keep the lines of communication open.”

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In a call last Friday, Milei and Biden agreed on “the importance of continuing to build strong bilateral ties,” according to a White House statement.

On this first trip since his election victory, his sister and right-hand woman, Carina Miley, is traveling with the next president; future Commander-in-Chief Nicholas Posse; businessman Gerardo Werthein, a personal friend of Bill Clinton and rumored to be the next Argentine ambassador to Washington; Luis Caputo, former Macrista finance secretary and potential economy minister in the new cabinet; Communications Strategist Santiago Caputo and US Ambassador to Argentina Mark Stanley.

Once they touched down on American soil, the delegation visited the grave of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, better known as the “Lubavitch Rebbe.” It is a holy site for Judaism, where Miley had previously visited to seek a blessing for his election as Argentina’s president. “This blessing has come true,” Miley reported in the Israeli newspaper Kfar Chabad a few days ago.

According to the agenda released by the LLA, Millay was scheduled to meet with former President Bill Clinton and IMF officials before heading to Washington to meet with Wall Street investors and bankers. Argentina received a $44 billion loan from the organization in 2018, but has been unable to make timely repayments even after renegotiating the terms.

In his first telephone conversation with IMF director Kristalina Georgieva, Milei outlined the pillars of his economic plan: drastic fiscal reform to balance public accounts, monetary reform that would prevent central bank issuance and reform and deflation. State. “This fund has helped Argentina find the structural solutions it needs,” he reported days ago on communications.

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During the election campaign, Miley made it clear that there would be a sharp turn in Argentina’s diplomatic relations if he came to power. Despite ideological differences with Democrat Joe Biden, Miley has shown a willingness to align herself with the United States and distance herself from the Chinese government, which she dismisses as “communist.” His position contrasts with current Argentine President Alberto Fernandez’s close ties to both powers.

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