When will it happen and which states will be affected?

Does the clock move forward or backward? Everything you need to know.

The Summer timetable comes to an end America, So all residents should set their clocks back one hour.

On what day will the schedule change?

Summer season consists of 34 weeks in total From the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November.

Earlier this year, daylight savings time began on March 13, when clocks were moved forward one hour. Now he is November 6 Everyone should turn their clocks back to mark the end of daylight saving time.

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 marked an extension of the summer period compared to previous years. In the past, clocks were set forward on the first Sunday in April and set back on the last Sunday in October.

Every three months, some countries choose to delay or advance the timetable so as not to affect the development of certain activities.

Will this period change continue?

Earlier this year the US Senate passed legislation to make daylight saving time permanent.

At least 30 states have introduced legislation to end the practice of changing the clocks every year, and Rep. Frank Ballon cited a study. 71% of Americans would be in favorAccording to the British news agency Reuters.

Supporters of the bill, including co-sponsor Senator Marco Rubio, said giving children an extra hour of sunlight after school would allow them to get home safely, spend more time outdoors and have other health benefits.

Giving children an extra hour of sunlight will make the trip home safer.  Photo: Getty Images
Giving children an extra hour of sunlight will make the journey home safer. Photo: Getty Images
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Additionally, he argued that the change would have economic benefits. However, according to an article in The Hill, the bill has met with disagreement in the House.

“We have a lot of other priorities, but we’re not trying to do that because it’s not a priority. We are,” Rep. Pallone said. “If we can accomplish anything, it won’t be until the fall,” he concluded.

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