MCM: “Venezuelans will not accept others negotiating our independence”

Democratic opposition presidential candidate María Corina Machado said this Monday that the Venezuelan people will not give up their desire for political change and that they will not accept that anyone else decides their freedom.

“We Venezuelans are not going to accept anything less than life in full freedom. “We are not going to lower our heads or let others negotiate our freedom or well-being,” he expressed during the 2024 Presidential Forum: Solidarity and Vote, which brought together the leaders of the Primero Justicia.” That citizen power that manifested itself on October 22 has a momentum that has shaken many consciences, and we must grow from there.”

VPI The MCM highlighted that while political parties are essential to achieving political change, it is time for them to ensure that a citizen, plural and pluralist Venezuela “turns into an unstoppable citizen movement”.

He stressed that the primary lesson of October 22 left an enormous lesson for the political leadership: “We must not underestimate the people, we must believe, one wonders what the Venezuelan society is capable of, despite all the obstacles, all the opposing forces (…) it is not impossible, It wasn’t easy, there were big tests, no media, I didn’t attend an interview on national television or a big radio circuit, no they interview me, but despite all this, we achieved with enthusiasm and passion that we owned the community because it was theirs.

He appreciated the opportunity to present himself at the PJ Leaders Forum and admitted that a few months ago, this would have seemed impossible to him.

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“It’s a great opportunity, maybe a few months ago, it was not so possible to imagine it, but things have changed for the better, they really are, I think it has a great message and I’m very grateful for it, because we offer it’s a message for the Venezuelan people” And “from BJ, from his girls, I believe so much, we have had losses, failures, we have fallen, but the greatest victory is knowing how to rise stronger. “We are a better community and better people after the trials of this difficult process imposed on us.”

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