Buckel removes Liquina Escobar for criticizing government efforts to capture IAIP

Commissioner Escobar has condemned the government for robbing the company of its independence, which guarantees transparency in the country. For this reason, Buckell immediately suspended her and ordered the removal process to begin.

President Naib Boukel has suspended Liduvina Escobar, the commissioner who owns the Public Information Access Authority (IAIP).

At the same time, the commissioner ordered that the process for the removal of Escobar should be initiated, on the grounds that it “could affect the functioning of the IAIP and could lead to actions that are inconsistent with its functions”.

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According to the document sent, Escobar was ordered to restrict all access to any computer media within 24 hours of the announcement.


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“In recent days, a series of actions against me have intensified as part of a strategy of pressure and harassment by Commissioners Ricardo Gomez, Javier Suarez and Commissioner Roxana Soriano,” he said in a statement.

The official explained that he was isolated from company tasks and prevented from accessing information and insulted IAIP employees.

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