Anthony’s Story: The new star of the “Bridgeton” series

If you are disappointed by that news Actor Reggae-Jean Page will no longer appear in the second season of “Bridgerton” on Simon Bassett, Duke of Hostings, Maybe it’s time for you to stop watching the series Now it is up to Anthony Bridgeton to tell his story.

Yes, it seems blatant, but If you’re one of those people who “loves” a character and you want to continue watching his evolution after the season, then maybe “Bridgeton” – an adaptation of the book series by author Julia Quinn, producer Shonda Rhymes – is not for you I will explain to you.

When Quinn created the book series – the first part of it came to the screen Netflix Last Christmas and it quickly became one of the most watched shows on stage “Streaming”– He did this to tell the story of each of the Bridgeton brothers, which is straightforward to a family fiction, but thereby depicting the lifestyle of the wealthy in London in the early 19th century.

Already extracted from the first part of the TV series Libro “Duke and I”– Daphne’s love story – Violet and Edmund Bridgerton’s fourth daughter – Told with Earl of Hastings. In a few days it became one of the most watched shows because there is no denying that the combination of a love story, a glamorous protagonist and hot scenes always attracts attention.

However, While the second season promises not to be without eroticism, it will be different, Well, the plot no longer revolves around Simon and Daphne, but focuses on Anthony’s love story.

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The second season of Bridgerton is based on the book “The Viscount Who Loved Me”. It’s time for actor Jonathan Bailey, who plays Anthony, to show his full potential and fill the void left by Hostings Duke. The question many ask is: “Will he do it? But for that we will have to wait for its premiere, which is expected to be in early 2022.

In the first season, we saw Anthony Bridgeton responsible for the well-being of his family and business, But persecuted by an impossible love. Viscount fell in love with singer Ciana Rosso (played by Sabrina Bartlett) and although it gave signs that she would eventually make an important decision inspired by love, it was nothing.

It should be noted that this relationship with Ciana is part of an adaptation made for television, because that character is not part of the story in the books.

In the new season, VWe are an Anthony who cares about his future. His father, Edmund, died as a result of a bee sting at the age of 38, when he was still fully telling the story of a man who loved his wife and a great father very much.

At the time, Anthony, who had been deeply fond of his father since childhood, was at home with his family enjoying the summer vacation as he prepared for his first year at Oxford University.

During his college years, Anthony not only prepared himself to acquire family wealth, but also enjoyed a “libertine” life.

So, At the beginning of the second book, as he approaches his 30th birthday, Anthony decides to look for a wife to have children with. By spreading the title of Viscount, he believed he would die young because he could not be older than a man as “corable and handsome” as his father.

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A notable touch to that quest is Anthony’s demands that he become his wife for him. It should be “reasonably sexy”, “not stupid”, and above all, “it can’t be someone you can love.”

The protagonist of the second season of the “Bridgeton” wedding will be the “practice” of raising an heir, who will want to “avoid problems” even if he sees through his parents that there was true love. Above all, he is sure to die at a young age.

Clarifying that he is looking for a wife, in the book, Anthony pays special attention during the 1814 holidays to see who the candidates are. This is an unnoticed detail by Lady Whistledown, the intriguing character responsible for telling a part of the story in a funny way.

While most of the cast is back, in this second season, the other characters will be integrated, with two very important sisters Kate and Edwina Sharma (Sheffield in the original novel), actresses Simone Ashley and Charithra Moon.

According to Anthony, Edwina is the right candidate, But for that young woman, he had no information that his half-sister’s opinion would be decisive. However, she did not see Kate Wisconsin as a good match for her much-loved sister.

It is there to watch adaptations made for TV, but of course we will sprinkle a sinless set and costumes with drama and great interest.

But as I progress you, Netflix has already revealed that “Don’t Fall in Love” with Anthony will be recorded in the third and fourth seasons of the series, and if they follow the same sequence of books, let’s look at the love stories of Benedict and Colin. Respectively. Each has its own specialties, conflicts and affections, but at the same time a touch of love and eroticism that symbolizes “Bridgeton”.

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