Borrell reiterated that the European Union will only review sanctions against the Maduro regime if free elections are held in Venezuela.

Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy (AP Photo/Fernando Vergara)

High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Policy, Joseph BorrellThis Thursday, the bloc indicated it would review individual sanctions against leaders of the Nicolás Maduro regime, “in step” with the changes proposed by Caracas to hold free elections.

“As you move toward Democratic normalization “And the conditions have changed to allow inclusive, free and fair elections, the EU is ready to gradually review the economic sanctions,” the head of Community diplomacy indicated at a press conference from Bogotá, where he met with the Colombian foreign minister. Alvaro Leiva.

Borrell explained that the EU’s relocation would be “gradual” with the changes Venezuela is introducing and that would allow it to hold democratic elections. “This is completely different from lifting (sanctions),” he stressed.

The EU’s foreign affairs chief has been stressing his intention to change his stance towards Venezuela and considers progress within its framework essential. Mexico talks between government and opposition, is currently blocked. “In any negotiation process, one party does and the other responds,” Borrell said at the start of his trip to Bogotá, where he participated in a Venezuela conference organized by Colombian President Gustavo Pedro.

The EU considers the political situation in Venezuela “totally different” from a few months ago, with important changes in the national sphere in recent times, the impeachment of the ‘responsible’ president Juan QuitoLike the region by restoring relations with Colombia and Brazil, which is why it wants to relocate to Caracas, for which sanctions are an important component.

A man exercises his right to vote at a polling station in Venezuela, in a file photo (EFE/Miguel Gutiérrez)

Yesterday, Washington pledged to gradually lift sanctions against Venezuela If the country moves towards fair elections.

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The US does not want to maintain its control over Venezuela “forever” and wants the country to prosper, US Deputy National Security Adviser John Feiner told reporters in Bogota on Tuesday.

“We are prepared to ease the pressures and eventually end our sanctions, but that will take concrete and significant steps. Free and fair elections to get thereFinner said.

Feiner made the comments after attending a summit organized by the Colombian government aimed at derailing stalled talks between Nicolas Maduro’s Venezuelan government and the opposition.

The event was chaired by Colombian President Gustavo Pedro and was attended by representatives of 19 countries and representatives of the European Union.

U.S. sanctions have fueled Venezuela’s economic crisis by blocking oil sales and failing to topple Maduro.

US President Joe Biden’s government a “Stepwise Approach” Finer said that measures to restore Venezuela’s democracy are accompanied by measures to ease economic sanctions.

(With information from EB and Bloomberg)

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