FRANCISCO CARDUNO: The Mexican prosecutor’s office announced a “crime” proceeding against the migration leader for the tragedy in Ciudad Juarez.

The Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) announced this Tuesday that it will proceed with “criminal proceedings” against the Commissioner of the National Institute of Migration (INAMI), Francisco Carduno, for the tragedy that killed 40 migrants in the border city of Ciudad Juárez. . In a statement, the agency said: “Francisco “N” and Antonio “N” engaged in the alleged conduct, failed to comply with their duties to monitor, protect and provide security to the people and facilities under their charge. Crimes against immigrants. Until now, Carduno remains in his post. The same On Tuesday he posted several tweets about his role in the tragedy.

The prosecutor’s office’s move is surprising, especially given the vagueness of the report. The agency did not clarify what charges Carduno would be charged with, or if an arrest or arraignment order had been obtained from a judge. Didn’t even say if you applied for it. When asked about this by a spokesperson, he said this is all the information he has received so far.

Cordono is walking a tightrope. The Juarez tragedy, a fire that killed 40 migrants and injured many more before anyone came out of the room they were locked in, summed up the criticism Inami and its director have received over the years. Since mid-2019, when he took office, Inami has abandoned all reform intentions, part of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s campaign promises, and devoted his efforts to suppressing, persecuting and detaining migrants. This is how the company responded to threats from across the border, putting Donald Trump in the presidential chair. Trump has criticized Mexican authorities for being lax with migrants and threatened to impose tariffs on exports from the neighboring country. Cordono was in charge of assuring him.

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Despite Inami’s tenure, his downfall seems certain, especially now with the announcement from the prosecutor’s office. In recent weeks, Alejandro Solalinte, a priest who has run a shelter for migrants in Oaxaca for years, has met with López Obrador at least twice to discuss what happened. In several interviews, Solalinde has said that Inami is disappearing and Carduno will not be staying in his post. At this time, López Obrador has not ruled on the matter.

FGR said it will also take action against retired sailor Salvador Gonzalez, the Inami representative in Chihuahua. A week and a half ago, a lawyer filed a complaint against him for ordering his subordinates not to open the room where the migrants were staying during the fire. “Criminal proceedings have been brought against public servants Salvador “N”, Juan “N”, Cecilia “N” and Eduardo “N” for conduct that led to the murders and directly related to the injuries to the victims. These crimes,” the statement said, “include Gonzalez and others in the company.” Refers to workers.

The prosecutor’s office also cited a private security company that worked at the immigration station. “In the case of the private security firm and Inami, both parties signed direct award contracts, waiving their public bidding obligations and doubling the costs paid to the public sector for the same services,” the bias indicates.

The FGR adds: “They failed to comply with their mandatory training, control and supervision obligations; Also, the company has been shown to opt out of enrolling most of its dependents in IMSS, the most widespread social security in Mexico.

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As of this afternoon’s report, the FGR has only formally charged five people in the case, three Inami officials who were present at the time of the fire, an agent from the company, Kamza Security and the migrant who started the fire. This new movement represents a leap in inquiry, one that points to the top of the organization and stops focusing solely on subordinates.

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