Salary Generosity for DR Diplomats Salary Generosity for TR Diplomats

The Dominican Republic stands alone abroad because of the high payroll in embassies and consulates, often featured without appearing to be bitten by a cat, said Adriano Espilot, a U.S. congressman of Creole descent. , Trapped in the emergency room to collect higher taxes, violating many of its diplomats.

Already old, Dominican civil servants have surpassed the world powers in North America, ahead of the UN and OAS. An exaggeration that supports the implementation of the Treasury in dollars, which is too costly to strengthen relations with other governments and multilateral organizations.

Dominican Heritage offers services to comrades who permanently complain of being overcharged. No other Latin American government behaves in this way by charging bureaucratic attention to its immigrants. Mexico, one of the largest diaspora countries, does not occur.

Scholarships for ambassadors, deputy ambassadors, sophisticated consulates, liaisons, advisers and assistants – not always approved by the states in which they are levied – have a cost that transcends the reality of a country depending on domestic and foreign debt. Loans.

Juicy salary that can be seen as awards

What a coincidence! Pacheco sees his government as being given to relatives

Others, he and the whole party want the state to fit

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