Financial assistance up to $400 dollars in the US

The city of Chelsea in Massachusetts, USA is distributing financial aid to its citizens. This support responds to the Chelsea Eats program and ranges from $200.00 USD to $400.00 USD.

To take this step, 738 families have been selected and from March 2023 this year, cash resources are provided. This contribution is designed to ensure that residents have sufficient financial capacity to cover the costs of basic goods and services in their homes.

A local government spokesperson said the assistance has been implemented through bank cards that are recharged once a month. Amounts deposited vary depending on the number of members making up a household.

A resident living alone in a household receives $200.00 USD, and households with three relatives receive $300.00 USD. A fee of $400.00 USD applies for apartments with three or more people.

A requirement to be fulfilled

Officials said the state contribution was established for the quarter from March to May 2023. To determine the families eligible for this benefit, their salaries were reviewed.

Eligible candidates should have a salary less than 30% of the income of residents of the residential area. This provision stipulates that a resident’s annual cash income cannot exceed $29,450.00 USD.

Two-person households cannot earn more than $33,650.00 USD in a year. Current government support is not expected to continue beyond May 2023. Those responsible for organizing this financial assistance recommend that those interested in other details contact local government offices.

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