Tile introduces a cat tracker

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Where did the cat go? It’s a question that all of us cat owners have probably asked ourselves at some point. Tile has released a new accessory that will let you know if a kitten is home and track its exact status.

The device is actually a variation of the tracking stickers that Tile already sells, and it attaches to a collar so we can put it on the cat and resist the pet’s comings and goings. Its internal battery isn’t removable or rechargeable, but the company says it can last up to three years and that the tracking module can be easily replaced once it runs out.

The Rail for Cats integrates a small Bluetooth transmission module with a range of 250 feet (about 76 meters). A cat owner can view the Tile app (available on iOS and Android) and track the animal’s location without subscribing. It also supports voice search using Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.

The thought of trying to find a cat around the house may sound like a cat frenzy, but in my experience kittens tend to hide, and sometimes mine was hard to find even when I lived in an apartment. 76 meters. I spent about an hour searching for itI found myself hiding under the kitchen (he was startled by some crackers). Yes A shell for cats You can save that time, and you’re welcome. The accessory costs just $40 and is available web of the company. In which they sell all kinds of tracking labels in different formats to the most clueless.

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