Changes expected in iPhone 15

Mexico City.– Apple is gearing up to launch the iPhone 15 and its next-generation Apple Watch at an event scheduled for September 12.

In this case, according to experts, the changes offered by this group will be very modest compared to the leaps they made in previous generations.

This year’s line-up promises four devices, two of them Pro, that will capture the most innovation.

The iPhone 15 bids farewell to the Lightning connector and welcomes USB-C

After various Apple devices migrated to USB-C cable connections, the iPhone was also expected to make the leap and ditch the Lightning connector.

The change, mandated by the European Union, will provide users with a variety of benefits, such as connectivity with the same type of cable for multiple Apple devices, faster data transfer and, in some cases, faster charges, as Bloomberg notes.

A new button on the iPhone 15

According to the leaks, the Pro models of the iPhone 15 will have a new button, which will replace the volume / silence switch.

This new action button will allow users to access various functions that can be customized through the software, such as activating the camera or launching a playlist.

The edges of the iPhone 15 screen have been reduced

Last year we already saw how Apple introduced Dynamic Island in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. This innovation is now available on entry-level models of the iPhone 15.

The biggest change regarding the screen will come to the Pro models of the iPhone 15 because, thanks to the change in the construction of the said equipment, they can have a small edge. This increases the screen size.

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