Bad Bunny: “It's cool… being home once again”

“If you've seen Bad Bunny sing live, but not in Puerto Rico, you haven't seen him.”

Moving on to return home to his “family,” “Bad Rapid” kicked off the last leg of his “Most Wanted” tour last night at Puerto Rico's Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum.

A POP-orchestra directed by Colombian maestro Carlitos López turned the high-speed venue into a giant restaurant with elements representing the “Far West”, causing roars and applause from those present.

The group welcomed the star by singing the first notes of “Nadi Sabo” from their most recent album “Nobody Knows What Tomorrow Will Hold”. Next, Vegapajeno appeared, wearing a jacket with the name “Puerto Rico” embroidered in small lights, then strode toward center stage, where several audience members caught him crying.

Carlitos López, director of the band POP, was responsible for the opening of the “Most Wanted Tour”. (Nahira Montcourt)

The family is home tonight in Puerto Rico“, the megastar told his fans, many dressed in jeans, while others followed the eclectic style the Puerto Rican has sported for more than eight years.

The singer continued the musical evening with songs from this production such as “Menako”, “Fina” with rapper Young Maiko and “Hibiki” with singer Mora.

Young Miko was one of the guest artists of the first show.
Young Miko was one of the guest artists of the first show. (Nahira Montcourt)

Other songs sung by the Puerto Rican include “Mr. October”, “Mercedes Carota”, “Cybertruck”, “Vou 787” and “Baby Nueva”, followed by a few words highlighting the criticism he receives for his work.

Don't waste your time trying to explain or protect yourself from comments or things people say about you in the neighborhood, at school, at university, at work, at family, who don't even know what your life is like. Always happens. Apparently, this happens to me a lot too; Every day things are said about me. I care about zero, I know what's in my heart, I'm sure of who I am as a person; The people I love and they love me know who I am and they are the only ones that matter to me.“, the Puerto Rican revealed, followed by a performance of “Paticano” and “Telefono Nuevo,” featuring trapper Luar La El.

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Another surprise that left the audience roaring was the arrival of Bryant Myers, who lent his vocals to songs like “Ba' Di” and “Seda” along with “Conejo Malo.” The journey to nostalgia continued when the artist's first name, Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, sang hits like “Tú no Vives Así”, “Chambea” and “Dile”, where he climbed a bridge-type platform that gave him the opportunity to His followers should be closely watched.

While singing “Candy B is Back”, he was surprised to start crying once again.

The show continued with renditions of “Los Bits”, “I Don't Want to Get Married” and “Thunder and Lightning”, then he returned to his companions to celebrate his decision to end his “tour” with his people.

I always start them here (tours) and that's always where I start, but this time I did it differently for a number of reasons. Number one, you heard the album here first, and it started here, more or less. Second, once I know it's a tour, I've been announcing tours, it's a lot of work, it's exhausting. I knew that one time, maybe, I would give up in the middle, so I put Puerto Rico last as a goal to come up with the energy to finish the tour and give it to you tonight.”, he revealed.

It's cool to be home once again. All I want is for you to enjoy tonight. I want to enjoy it. I am very happy …, I was nervous with ….”Of the 49 concerts he has given since last February 21, he confirmed that this one gave him that feeling.

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The show continued with a piano medley of numbers like “Thank You for Nothing”, “An Song”, followed by a day of perio with medleys of “Safera”, “She Berria Sola”, “La Santa”, “Pichiyal”. “, “La jumpa”, “Daikiti”, “Efecto”, “Me porto bonito” , “A Preview” and “Where She Goes”.

Meanwhile, the evening turned delicious with the performance of “Moscow Mule”, “P-FKN-R” and “Acho PR”, where the stage was filled with color by Batukada and some large heads that simulated his face, they united. Rappers Archangel, De La Ghetto and Somewhere Flo, among others, boost national pride.

The first performance ended with “El Abagon”, where the artist unfurled the island's flag while revealing that two of his dancers had painted the symbol of Palestine, while “Free Palestine” was written in reference to Israel's bombardment. Gaza Strip.

The show continues tonight and tomorrow and Sunday at the Solizio, where it will close out a 49-performance tour around the US.

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