The acclaimed Venezuelan met Shakira in person and promised to sing 'Nassau' at her next concert.

Colombian singer Shakira shared on her official Instagram profile the details of her meeting with Venezuelan content creator Lele Pons, where some experiences were shared and promises were made.

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The meeting took place on Ponce's birthday. Shakira, in recent months, wanted to get personal with the Venezuelan man who was part of the promotion for her new song 'Punteria'.

During the conversation, Shakira asked Lele if she would like to sing a “special” song at the Miami concert (which will feature Venezuela).

“Nassau,” Ponce replied, admitting it was his favorite song. “It's special, it has a vibe you can listen to, although I also like 'when, where'.”

Other songs that the two ladies spoke on were 'Ultima' and 'Ojos Asi'. First, however, the Colombian advised Leal that it was not good to live in a situation worthy of commitment.

The Venezuelan influencer and the Colombian singer recall the moment they met. Shakira mentioned that this happened in the middle of her last tour at a concert in Los Angeles.

Shakira posted a video wishing Lele Bones a happy birthday with a message. “Happy birthday to my new friend who makes me smile so much,” she wrote.

He immediately responded to the news while they were getting their nails done, calling the spot with Shakira “a very special birthday present.” “I'm going to cry with joy, how crazy life is,” she noted.

Ponce is an admired figure on social networks inside and outside of Venezuela, as evidenced by his more than 50 million followers on Instagram.

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