This is not magic, it is science, learn about the free course offered by the Carlos Slim Children's Foundation

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With the intention of Parents can teach children About science in a natural way, and Carlos Slim Foundation The cycle launched through “Training for Employment” platform.

he The main objective Of this training is that You learn how to educate minors About all science and how to do it Experience, explore, discover and awaken That feeling Real to learn.

Within limits The benefits of the course are that there is no monotonyShort lessons are included Concise with interactive audio-visual materialIdeal for children, No specific schedules or dates.

Furthermore it, Unlimited hours And you can download Every item when you want it for freeincluding video clips, Charts, readings and tests.

he Training plan It's online only You need a stable internet connection.

Course content:

he The course is organized into several lessons Which covers different aspects of Science and teaching it to children:

  • Follower Senses to knowledge
  • Benefits in your development
  • he The boy is a born explorer
  • The awakening of Curiosity and wonder
  • Curiosity and discovery
  • Build an experience
  • safety first
  • Let's try!
  • Explore and experiment
  • Discovery guide
  • Science and play

At the end of the Of course you will receive a certificate of official validitySupported by Carlos Slim Foundation.

If you are interested in enrolling in the course, follow these steps:

  • Access to the course Science and children From the platform Carlos Slim Foundation.
  • Register your e-mail.
  • The course begins.
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