doctor. Fake Simi? They caught the “curious” Bottarga in the United States

  • 80 percent of buyers have a foreign brand as their favorite.

  • They caught a strange bottarga in the United States.

  • 27 percent of customers choose to purchase exclusive products.

The influence of some brands on consumers can cross borders, as customers sometimes look at the brand with admiration and purchase unique products from it; In a video, a strange character of Dr. Simi Bottarja was shown, which caught the attention of users.

In a video circulating on social media, the strange moment Dr. Simi Bottarja could be seen in the United States was captured, which caught the attention of locals and strangers for the strange moment they experienced.

Nearly 80 percent of consumers have a foreign brand as their favorite brand, due to the impact it can have in their local area, while 27 percent of customers choose to buy exclusive products from a company because of their loyalty, according to data revealed in PM . .

Dr. Simi's fake bottarga?

Consumers become sympathetic to different strategies, which is why a close brand loyalty can be found, which at some points can be considered an interesting part of consumer habits regarding products that are constantly launched, as they seem to be interested in the same thing.

The photos showed how a woman dressed as Dr. Simi, in order to welcome the city of Maine, so that it could be seen in a more interesting way than expected, with different arguments that flooded the original post.

@nuriaramosguanaca503 Welcome to Maine! Dr. Simi in Maine, USA. Maine, USA #drsimi #famarciasimilares #who #Botargaz #botargaschallengemx ♬ Enjoy your life – Miss Rizqi Iman

In the video, it was possible to see how the woman danced to attract the attention of motorists, so at some point it could be considered a strange case among the different moments that could be seen in the beginning, as it was shown to most people. The famous bottarga in Mexico on the other hand.

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Some arguments suggested that it was a strange thing, because the moments were presented in different acts, so at some point different moments could be recognized, so at some point some congratulations from other people could be found.

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