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A group of Australian scientists want to grow plants on the moon in 2025 in a mission presented last Friday, which, in their opinion, could pave the way for a future colony.

Biologist Brett Williams, from Queensland University of Technology, explained that the seeds will be flown aboard the Beresheet 2 spacecraft, a special Israeli mission. Once the spacecraft has landed, the seeds will be irrigated in a closed chamber, where scientists will be able to track signs of germination and growth.

Williams explained that they would select plants based on their resistance to harsh conditions and how quickly they germinated.

“This project is an early step toward growing plants for food, medicine and oxygen production, which is crucial to establishing human life on the moon,” the scientists said in a statement.

Catelyn Burt, a research assistant at the Australian National University in Canberra, said the research may also be relevant to food safety concerns caused by climate change.

“If you can create a system for growing plants on the Moon, you can create a system for growing food in some of the toughest environments on Earth,” he explained in a statement.

The project is managed by One Lunariaa start An Australian initiative involving scientists from Australia and Israel.

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