Puebla trolled Chivas noting Cristian Nodal’s presentation of Mediotimbo

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The Puebla Strip No one is forgiven to celebrate their progress to the quarter-finals After removing Sivas At Repechage, the Community Manager ran social network accounts and did his thing Trolled Guadalajara With a sarcastic message.

I used it a few days ago Chivas soldiers captured at Palenque Watching singer Christian Knodel’s performance, Puebla posted a tweet to note that Nodal will have a presentation in Angelopolis on November 18th. And randomly invited everyone to buy tickets to attend the show.

The message was reminiscent of the controversial video Where are you looking? Players Like Antonio Briseño or Santiago Ormeño In a recreational activity instead of focusing on Repechage They advance with the aim of qualifying for the quarter-finals, where they will face Aguilas del América.

To make matters worse, Puebla’s social networks were unleashed After that first message, they posted another one where they remember For those already tragically famous”Gonzalo” went viral a few years ago for throwing a tantrum after a Sivas defeat.

America’s opponent in the quarterfinals is Puebla And its already popular community continues to poke fun at competitors and players and, in its own way, promote the sweet potato team.

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