Atletico controls champions Real Madrid and knocks them out of the Spanish League derby!


For others! Atletico beat Real Madrid (1-0) on penalties by Carasco.

45 + 2 ‘ Sorry JovCCC! Versaljko left the ball alone for the Serbian after a sweep on Rodrigo, and his shot was blocked by Oblak. It was Madrid’s draw.

45 + 1 ‘I wanted to go against Atletico, but Karasco was offside.

45 ‘will be played for two more minutes.

44 ‘ UOOOOO! Cruise right foot from outside to near area. The ball was opened before Oblock’s extension.

42 ‘Unknown Madrid in this first half.

40 ‘ Atledicooooo goooool! Carrasco did not apologize and scored 1-0 against Real Madrid. Belgian player Lunin took the penalty in the left hand of the keeper and fooled him.

39 & # 39; Valejo picks up yellow for Cunha’s stamp. Atletico had an unbeaten chance through the penalty spot.

38 ‘ VAR reviews Cunha’s mistakes and Atletico has a penalty!

37 ‘yellow card to Marcos Lorende for protesting.

36 ‘ Rodrigo’s shot that saved Oblock!

35 ‘ Atletico asks for another penalty! Vallejo crosses Cunha and the Brazilian falls to the ground, nothing.

33 ‘He wanted to go against Asensio, but he could not communicate with his teammates and misses the ball.

31 ‘Cunha’s good combination with Marcos Lorende was blocked by the best heel Nacho of Spain and Brazil.

Rodrigo, the savior of the whites, has not yet appeared in the 30 ‘Champions League.

Yellow to Lucas for the most obvious mistake on Caracas in the 28 ‘band.

27 & # 39; Coke’s past service as president of Marcos Lorende.

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25 & # 39; You can see that the Madrid team needs a player like Modric. An alternative to Croatian.

The center of Karasko and Korea, which entered without 23 ‘marks, failed to connect. It was too much for Argentina.

22 & # 39; The game began to fall into a pit.

20 & # 39; Oblak’s goal Madrid have not finished yet.

19 & # 39; And to the first yellow jockey of the game for making a mistake against Korea.

17 & # 39; It costs Madrid to create a play that poses a risk. Atletico Press.

15 & # 39; On one side of the violin Ancelotti hears silence.

14 & # 39; Now Madrid takes the ball from behind with ease, relaxed and with a lot of touches. Wanda’s general whistle.

12 & # 39; Carrasco fell in the area after being told the shirt had been pulled, but the referee or VAR allowed the error.

Eleven ‘ Atletico asked for a fine!

10 & # 39; Madrid is not having a good time. Atletico easily enters the meringue area and heals quickly.

8 ‘ Athletics! Karasko’s excellent play, he removes Casimiro’s mark, cuts inwards and his shot approaches Lun’s goal.

6 & # 39; Miraldo deflects Carasco shot after Brazilian and Lucas hesitate to go for the ball. Madrid’s defenders risked.

5 & ​​# 39; Cruise free kick that Oblock likes without any problems.

4 ‘ Close to athletics! Korea’s shot into the spreading area. The play was very clear to open the score.

3 & # 39; Control Atletico in these first minutes of the derby.

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2 ‘How close Cunha was to pick up the ball from Lunin after he wanted to play. He went to pressure him, but the goalkeeper was released.

1 & # 39; The shot of the condom goes high.

The competition has begun! Atletico face Real Madrid in Wanda Metropolitano. There is no corridor for the champion.

The The real Madrid Wanda is visiting the Metropolitan this Sunday to face off Athletes In the derby for the 35th day of the Spanish League.

A week later they became the champions of the tournament and advanced to the Champions League final. Carlo Ancelotti He decided to move his starting team and retire some of his stars.

The Ukrainian will be on target Lunin, Will play its first game of the season in La Liga. In defense will be Lucas, Militao, Vallejo and Nacho; With Camvinga, Casemiro and Cruz and Rodrigo, Asencio and Jovic in midfield.

Cordois, Valverde, Benzema, Vinicius and Motric will start on the alternate bench.

On the side Athletes Do not play Greaseman No. Louis Suarez. Simeon Betting on the Brazilian Cunha And to Argentina Angel strap.

Atletico’s confirmed order: ஒப்லாக்; Vrsaljko, Savic, Gimenez, Reinildo; Llorente, Koke, Kondogbia, Carrasco; Cunha and Korea.

Real Madrid confirmed order: திங்கட்கிழமைகள்; Lucas Vasquez, Militao, Vallejo, Nacho; Camewinka, Casemiro, Cruz; Rodrigo, Asencio and Jovic.

Time: 1:00 pm from Honduras.

Transmission method: TUDN and Sky Sports.

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