Barcelona SC retaliates against Flamingo and DD Renato Cacho at Copa Libertadores Football | Sports

The two shattered the dreams of the Canaries in earlier editions of the competition.

The Barcelona Sporting Club has an obligation to settle the outstanding account at the Copa Libertadores before Flamingo and its current coach Renato Cacho. The two shattered the dreams of the Canaries in earlier editions of the competition.

He faced TD Renato, at the Libertadores in 2017, when he headed to the Brazilian Guild, which was in the semifinals – an event where they now see each other again. Tricolor Kaizo sent the yellows out of the tournament with a total score of 3-1.

“Barcelona in semifinals, home, worst fall in 31 years”, EL UNIVERSO highlighted in its release with a 3-0 defeat at the memorial arena on the first leg.

“This is Barcelona, ​​what He returned to his many entertaining illusions and pride Created the most memorable cup days of the past, thanks to the exciting personal and collaborative performances at Libertadores 2017, which fell last night, ”he commented.

“Luxury is not a team based on the success of football – Atletico Nacional, home, and the studios de la Plata in Argentina – Their club boosted the self-esteem of yellow people who dreamed of repeating events like 1990 and 1998 when they were finalists. Barcelona did not resemble the executioner of the Brazilians on Pele land yesterday – removing Palmeiras and Santos, in the 16th and quarter-finals, in that order, ”he argued.

For the rematch, the team in Guayaquil won 1-0 in Porto Alegre. “Barcelona Copa defeats Guild for Libertadores, but bullfight falls in Guayaquil Decides to exit the semifinals. There are yellow posts, ”the newspaper commented.

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A significant campaign in Copa Libertadores 2017 was reduced to the desire to go to the final for the third time., In disastrous 90 minutes. At the memorial, the defeat against Grmio (0-3) signaled Barcelona’s victory with a win, not enough to qualify for last night in Porto Alegre, but it ended with a convincing trip to the Canary Islands, which was hailed as a nightmare among yellow fans, as well as a nightmare. It reflects the return of bullfighters to a leading role internationally, ”he said.

“America’s champions Atletico National, students de la Plata, Palmeiras, Santos and Gremio all fell to Barcelona this year. According to statistics from journalist Alexis Martin-Tamayo (Mr. Chip)Painting by Guillermo Almada The first win in the history of the Libertadores visited three Brazilian competitors in a single edition (Podafogo for 0-2, Santos for 0-1, Gremio for 0-1).

“In addition, tickets for the quarterfinals and semifinals were obtained from home: with a penalty against Palmeiras and a 0-1 win over Santos, in that order. When Barcelona won the trophy as a spectator they did not get many against them”.

“The In this trophy the Guild lost its defeat on his podium last night, But he advanced to the final after a valuable 0-3 in Guayaquil a week ago, “he said.

Against Flav

Of the only matches measured by the most important club matches in South America, Fla easily won the yellow. In 2020 they were measured in trophy history, which was by Group A and, in the first leg, played at the Maracan Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, where Mango beat the Bullfighters 3-0 in one exhibition. ‘Good Joko’.

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“Barcelona beat Maracana”, Added further in its printed version the title of the Universe: “It is subject to the power of the Flav, the current champion of the trophy”.

Gustavo Henrique (39 min), Gabriel Barbosa (45, penalty) and Bruno Henrique (53) Hitting the Portuguese of the Canaries last night, he didn’t show much resistance To a red and black cast that has shown its international status from beginning to end, ”Chronicles notes.

On review, COVID-19 was postponed to September 22 due to an outbreak, the Canary team fell again and EL UNIVERSO highlighted: “Barcelona lost and He bids farewell to the trophy in his worst role in the team stage”.

“Barcelona It was a disaster at the 2020 Copa Libertadores. Yesterday, with the defeat against Flamenco, The club had a negative record in participating in the tournament: In history they have never appeared in the first four games on the team stage. The Canaries’ current worst start since yesterday, when they competed in the most important Conmepol Club competition (1961). ”, He continued.

“If that unfortunate data is not enough, the managers of Fabian Pustos, with four consecutive setbacks – which prevented them from scoring – two goals in favor, 10 against and Three games lost as homeowners (with the exception of Flamengo, Independent Del Valle won at the yellow field And Jr. from Barranquilla). He is down in Group A, he will not be in the next round and the desire to finish third is increasingly unbelievable going to South America, ”he added.

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The first phase will take place on Wednesday, September 22 at the Brazilian Football Temple at Maracan மைதான Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. The renovation is scheduled for Wednesday, the 29th of the same month, at the grounds of the monumental Bango Pichincha in Guayaquil. The tables have not yet been confirmed. (D)

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