Atlas only saw a yellow card for 17 fouls, and what a thing: Ramos Risomediotiemo

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Again Controversy over Atlas and arbitration. Although Foxes owner Alejandro Irarragori has promised a “campaign” aimed at undermining the Foxes’ recent achievements, this time it is At ESPN they questioned the work of whistler Oscar MaciasIn the game Saturday against the Cruz Azul.

The The Rosenegros won 3-2 had a volume of discussion for Expulsion of Carlos RotondiOf Cementeros, Nazarene’s was classified as a “wrong decision”. Philip Ramos RizoThe ESPN Referee Analyst Accused A “Great Disparity” in How Faults Are Determined Local and visitors.

“I would like to comment on how disorganized the jury is. Atlas commits 17 fouls and only one player is cautioned; Cruz Azul committed eight fouls, they advised four and sent one off, unfair in my opinion,” the former World Cup referee said in 2002.

Paco Gabriel de Anda questioned him as to whether this was “improper” at work. “Trend” helps foxes. With that in mind, Ramos Rizzo simply stuck to the whistlers’ “significant limitations” and their ability to direct games.

“There is inadequate training and education of referees. There cannot be such a disparity between teamsIt’s impossible for a team that makes eight mistakes to have four cards, it’s impossible”.

What did Irarragori say about arbitration in Mexico?

In a recent interview with journalist David Fidelson, Owner of Grupo Orlegi He accused “Argentina, who won the World Cup with tactics like La Mano de Dios” for not asking the question. Atlas A series of controversial results, justifying it “They don’t remember everything that happens in every match” And people leave an idea that can be presented by the media.

“I can’t allow it (Atlas help) to say, because there are other circumstances before that. I don’t know if it’s clear or not (references), but I know, you (the media) only see. A little bit of the photo, when it’s a video, They should review in detail what happened to get that or another situation. A team, fan or player who does not know whether he is benefited or harmed by any refereeing decision is lying.” he announced before Fidelson’s questions.

“It is the responsibility of coaches, players and managers to further support the honor issue. For example, I see everyone celebrating Maradona’s hand of God, but I’ve never heard them criticize Argentina as much as Atlas through this championship.Maybe because it’s not convenient or because they already wanted about the arbitration issue with Atlas”.

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