Video: Driver threatens motorist with knife on 400 lane of Komalaba highway

A new reality of endurance on the road was recorded by a public transport passenger.

A pick-up driver was caught threatening a motorist with a knife on Route 400 on the Komalaba highway.

A woman passenger has registered a new act of intolerance after she witnessed threats from a pick-up driver who did not allow her to pass the bus. Video: Illustrated and non-commercial image /

A traveler records a new fact of tolerance Collective transportThe driver noticed that the motorcyclist was not allowed to pass.

The minibus route goes from El Rosario, La Paz, San Marcos, San Salvador.

In the one-minute clip, this happened repeatedly as the pick-up driver swerved his vehicle to avoid passing the bus, moved forward a few meters and stopped again.

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“If I try to pass him, he’ll corner me,” the driver is heard saying as he tries to move forward on the road.

In the video, the pick-up can be seen crossing to block the Route 400 minibus from passing. Photo courtesy of EDH.

Meanwhile, passengers were advised to pull over to the side of the lane and wait for the pick-up to avoid an argument. Others, in their agony, sought help from the police.

In the last seconds of the video, passengers can be heard screaming as the driver takes his knife out the window and starts threatening the motorist. “Let him go well,” advises the travelers.

A biker threatens a biker with a knife out the window. Photo/Courtesy of EDH.

The video went viral on Facebook this morning, but the release said the incident took place yesterday afternoon. I don’t know how the discussion came about.

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