WhatsApp: Trick to save data and space in the app

As I have said on various occasions, The WhatsApp It searches for the best amenities for its users so that they can call, send messages, create the best communications, and above all stay within the platform.

Because it is a mobile app data consumptionis the order of the day, especially if we exchange photos, videos, and other multimedia files, so saving as much as possible is the best solution, so you don’t have to spend a lot on your monthly payment or end up on the plan.

WhatsApp tricks

So here are some Tricks to not consume your mobile dataThe first thing we need to do is to disable the automatic download of multimedia files.

As a first step we open WhatsApp settings followed by auto download, here we can choose between mobile data and Wi-Fi, the best recommendation is to use our wireless connection, so every time they send you a photo or video, it will not be downloaded until we reach a connection from This kind, in case of urgent need to get what they just sent us, it is just a matter of pressing the multimedia file to start the download.

This will save you up to gigabytes, Depending on the number of files you receive on your mobile device, in the case of iOS, it is called automatic download, in the Settings section.

Remember too Enter your smartphone settings and activate data saving mode so that you are not consuming others or when you are not using it.

You can also explore the function Settings in Storage And you have more options so that you can save as much as possible, if you use WhatsApp calls a lot, there is a function that allows us to save data, thus compressing it and reducing its consumption.

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We still find Data roaming function And other, such as the quality of uploading images, this section is not reviewed by many people, but if we reduce the quality, we can save data because we also use what the company provides us to upload documents and multimedia files.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to save data and so that our bill or plan does not run out quickly, remember that it is preferable to use wireless Wi-Fi networks to send and receive files, so we will not run out of what they give us every month, but in the event that this is not possible, you can always turn to the departments The above-mentioned.

In the same way, in the settings section, make all the settings as you like better so that you can save data and also get multimedia files with the quality that you so desperately need.

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