At what age are we happiest? This is what science says

A recent scientific study from Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, revealed the age at which we are happiest. Although it is possible to achieve a state of well-being at any stage of life, there is a specific moment that stands out above the rest. To find out, the researchers studied subjective well-being in a total of 443 samples of people 460,902 participants.

Susan Booker, one of the lead authors, explains that they focused “on changes in three central components of subjective well-being: Life satisfaction, positive emotional states, and negative emotional states“.

Satisfaction with life is a habit Decrease between 9 and 16 yearsbut later It grows slowly until 70. from this moment It decreases again until age 96. Positive affective states decrease between ages 9 and 94, while negative affective states increase between ages 9 and 22, decrease until age 60, and then increase again.

Hormonal changes generate difficulties in social life – Decrease in satisfaction between the ages of 9 and 16 years. The same thing happens at the end of adulthood, when “physical performance declines, health often deteriorates and social contacts begin to decline,” the researcher notes.

This study highlights The importance of maintaining or improving subjective well-being Whether in adolescence or in the last stages of life.

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