Archangel’s reaction goes viral when a fan throws a thong at him mid-concert

Ambassador Another one of those performers who had the audience throw something on stage in the middle of the concert, but in his case it was nothing more and nothing less than a thong.

The artist’s reaction to a fan throwing her underwear at him is going viral on the network.

The American singer and songwriter took the black underwear in his hands, showed them to the audience, and then did what no one expected: he began to smell them.

After making a nod of approval indicating that it smelled very good, he asked them to stop the music so they could talk.

Walking across the stage and not stopping to smell her deeply, he said: “I need a drink for this. Really, Mummy, have you put on perfume? Because it’s so bad. I’ve even lost the will to keep singing. I want to keep smelling these panties.”

The audience responded with cheers and without wasting much time Archangel started singing another of his songs.

However, other artists did not suffer the same fate. Carol G Already last year Cardi B Drinks were thrown in their faces during concerts a few weeks ago.

Another reaction that went viral at the time was during Rosalia’s They hit her in the face with flowers In a live show.

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