Appointments and passport information from the Spanish Embassy in Cuba

In the last few hours, the Spanish Consulate in Cuba has released information regarding the recruitment of appointments at that consular headquarters.

As per the information, appointments are now being allotted to a particular set of candidates.

In a note published on their social networks, especially on their Twitter account, they refer to applicants for Spanish citizenship. Obtaining your passport Relevant certificates issued by the Kingdom of Spain.

A statement from the Spanish Consulate in Cuba says that those who registered with that consulate on dates prior to August 1 of this year can now get an appointment:

“Consular citizens registered till 07-31-2023 can access our agendas to get their first passport application appointment,” the Twitter post read.

Long wait for appointments and credentials

For several months now, applicants for Spanish citizenship have faced a real dilemma through the Democratic Memory Act way of the cross To access an appointment at the Spanish Embassy in Cuba.

After facing numerous difficulties in accessing the certificates issued by the Cuban civil registries and the long wait for their legalization at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX), they did not have the facilities they expected to access the consular appointment.

There are many Cuban applicants who, although they have already sent the necessary documents, cannot even obtain well-known credentials. Even others who have already recognized Spanish citizenship do not have appointments to receive their passports.

According to some versions, the Spanish Consulate in Cuba is currently improving its appointment system in order to speed up waiting times and eliminate possible “spins” that intermediaries or meeting managers can take advantage of.

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The demand of thousands of Cuban applicants is that, at the very least, the credentialing step be removed. That is, once the PDF documents are sent, you can get a specific day and time for an in-person meeting.

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