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Share it It continues to be one of the most converting applications. For example, now you can not only change its color to a minimal color, but also check who has not added you to their agenda, and edit your texts as you like.

But there is more. Now it has been discovered that A A simple trick to help you know if your partner is there Share it Without the need to open the application. Best of all, this tutorial will work even if your ‘better half’ is hiding ‘online’.

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It is important to note that to enable this process, it is necessary to install a third-party application, along with granting the relevant permissions to access your notifications. If you agree, pay attention to the tutorial we leave you.

How to know if your partner is “online” without checking WhatsApp

  • The first thing is to download the app .
  • It specifically asks for access to your notifications.
  • Now when you log in you have only one free option to find out if someone is online or not.
  • Select the country code and write its number.
  • When you’re done, a box will appear indicating whether it’s “online” or offline.
WhatsApp | With this application you can know 100% whether your partner is connected or not. (Photo: MAG – Rommel Yupanqui)
  • It will tell you how many times you have been “online” on WhatsApp.
  • But if you buy the premium version, you will also have details like the time it was connected.
  • Even if your partner has decided to hide “online”, this data is taken from WhatsApp itself.
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Remember you can contact WhatsApp if you have any problem with the app. You can use this if you are blocked or your device has an error .

A form will open for you to fill in all your personal information: your real name, including email, it can be your gmail or any company, the country you are writing to, in addition to your cell phone number. with your country code.

Then you should write your question in a small box in a certain number of characters, try to be very specific and do not skip details that you know can only be solved in person. When you send it, WhatsApp will contact you via your cell phone with an automatic reply, so you can chat directly.

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