Any news for you? “It was an unknown team, we came in first with the task and we were embarrassed”


He was one of the worst victims of the bitter night Motagua in front Alajuelence Sports League. Luis Vega He saw his side fall 5-1 in the Copa Centroamericana.

He was one of the closest observers to Dico’s team’s goals because as a defender he could do nothing against the Avalanche. Manutto do

Nevertheless, he went out and gave reports to the official outlet of the Copa Centroamericana and did a lot. Self-criticism of hurricane damage.

He used such adjectives in his statements “catastrophe”, “unidentified” And “shame” Alejandro Moreira Soto to explain what happened with Modagua.

An Analysis of the Motagua Victory

“The truth is, we were looking for a better result and we were a disastrous team and in the first half. We were disorganized, we couldn’t recognize ourselves. We came in hoping for a better result but unfortunately the tables turned and we left in disgrace.

What is the weight to fall like that?

“The good handling they have, we didn’t know how to capitalize on the plays we had, we didn’t capitalize on our moments and they dismantled us on the counter attack.”

What’s next for Motagua?

“It doesn’t end, we have to turn the page, the quarter-finals are coming, we have to add.”

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