A study reveals the moment when humanity almost became extinct: there were only 1,200 people left

When history escapes from texts, only ashes remain, stones. What was and is not. The experiences, customs, habits, tastes, and fashions of our ancestors can be traced from the virtuous analysis that the eye of an archaeologist possesses. In this light, deposits are doors to knowledge. Remains and strata have been found, along with scientific methods of highly accurate analysis, dating and interpretation.

But it isn’t always that easy. If clues from different eras are found and are pointed in a straight line, the score will disappear Endless empty spaces For the chance that intervenes in the appearance of these things determines the order in which the past appears. Like the dark ages in classical greece. Phases in which something happened and remained forgottenin the hope that one day someone will come across a stone that will allow us to unravel legends and tales and give a name to something that has already been around for a long time. This is what archeology consists of, giving life a second time.

One of these wells is located at the end Lower Pleistocene, at a time when humanity’s penultimate great cognitive leap was taking place. He wanted to bring a flame into this darkness Modern article From the prestigious magazine SciencesIts flame is carried by researchers from China, the United States and Italy. From those endless days just over 900,000 years ago. Today there are few fossils that allow us to shed light on the moment when the human race almost died out.

Forgotten miracle

It was hard times. These humans have begun to tread the planet’s new soil, in landscapes where no human voice has been heard before. It was the first milestones to explore. They walked upright and used a simple stone technique. Thus, they decided to embark on the journey using semi-serrated stones Unusual adventure To discover the world beyond the known horizon.

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A few thousand years ago there were 100,000, but in that dark time the population dropped to 1,200 individuals. 98% of the people on Earth have disappeared. And in these numbers, the existence of man has been preserved for 1170 long centuries. 800,000 years ago, the recovery began by asking if these humans knew they had performed a miracle.

The call to life in a hostile world

There are those who believe that when the world is hostile and unkind, life cannot flourish. At that time the extinctions occurred in a wild way. One species has knocked another species off the map, many times without the need for direct confrontation and by sheer evolution or adaptation to the environment, and this has been replaced by another. Changes in climate were largely responsible for this. No bloodshed. Just closing my eyes one last time in a cold cave. The hollows of the hills were tombstones of earth, and the gardens of the steppes of bones.

This particular situation encouraged the pressure of natural evolution to limit the few individuals that were present, Drive changes that can lead to the emergence of new species. Another different human that would fit into the unique photo frame. he is a triple ancestor, Union of Neanderthals, sapiens and Denisovans. A species that survived by imposing itself and transformed those 1,200 vagabonds from the night into the more than 8,000 million humans who populate the face of the Earth today. Turning the last guttural cry of the caves into a plea for life.

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