7 apps to translate in real-time and communicate without language barriers

There are various tools that can do this It helps you communicate with people who don’t speak the same language as you. Applications they make Translation in real time. One of the advances that has gone hand in hand with new artificial intelligence tools is the continued advancement of language processing tools, among other applications. Translate from one language to another more accurately than at other times.

Real-time translation allows fluid communication between speakers Without language being a barrier. Let’s take a look at some of the options available today.

Google translator: This tool provides real-time translation service and can be used easily and free on the web or on your cell phone. You have to choose the language pair you want to use and click on the option that says “Conversation”. In this way the computer is capable of jumping from one language to another as needed.

Microsoft Translator: This tool also has the option to translate conversations in real-time. And like Google Translate, it has other additional tools, such as the possibility to use the cell phone camera to translate text found in images such as traffic signs or menus.

Hello translator: This is a less known app than the previous ones but just as useful as them. As with the other cases mentioned, you can activate the conversation option and choose the pair of languages ​​you want to translate to have a live exchange without delay. It is available on Android and iPhone.

Yandex translation: Translate between any pair of 100 languages ​​available to you. It automatically detects the language and performs the translation in real time. Similar to Google and Microsoft Translator, it is capable of translating content from all types of texts, web pages, etc. In turn, it detects the image content, which can be used to translate posters or other elements captured by the camera.

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Skype: This video calling service is the first to add a real-time, text-to-text translation option. To activate this function, you need to go to the chat, right-click on the name of the person you are going to communicate with and select View Profile. There a menu will be displayed and you have to choose the option that says “Send translation request” to enable the translated dialog. Once the contact accepts this request, the translation will be viewed in real-time, in the previously selected language.

Google Meet: The platform also offers a subtitle translation option for video calls, but it is only available for the following editions of Workspace: Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Teaching and Learning Upgrade and Education Plus. It is not available for free. To activate this tool, you need to enter Google Meet, within the meeting, click “More options” and then go to Settings and Subtitles. The tool is activated, the meeting language is selected, and the translated subtitles are enabled. The free version of Meet doesn’t have this option, but it does provide real-time captions (without translation) of the conversation, which helps if we have an intermediate command of the person’s language.

iTour translator: This tool allows you to perform real-time translations of your perceived audio. The translation appears in the text, in verse form. It includes a tool to translate live conversations, phone calls or video calls.

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