Another L140 million has been approved for the Palmarola opening

Tegucigalpa, Honduras .- Urgent opening Palmerola International AirportIn Comayagua, repairs at Doncontin, from the same operator, cost the Honduran people over 140 million lambs.

‘S team El Heraldo Plus Investigation Division The executive order issued 15 days ago was verified by PCM-099-2021, which approved the launch of Palmerola on October 1, at $ 5,784,782 — that is, 140,280,963.5 Lembras.

An Awesome Order Order for the Secretariat of the Subdivision and Public Services (IncepFollow the recommendations of the Technical Report issued by the Honduran Civil Aviation Agency (AHAC)

Lee: Palmerola Airport already has low cost flights to three US destinations

It has a work plan to change the operations of national and international airlines Palmerola International Airport As of October 15, 2021, as a result, this Friday.

The same document establishes that operations will begin within 30 to 45 days after October 15, which means that after the general election, airlines can begin operations until early December.

Of the 140 million Lambrequins, 52.9 million will be allocated to Palmerola and 87.3 million to Doncontin.

+: Palmarola Airport will begin with the challenge of reaching neighboring countries

Palmerola Functions

Over the next month and a half, once Palmarola is launched, assessments and verifications will begin by national and foreign aeronautical authorities, which will allow regulatory compliance and minimum safety conditions for air operations.

For the “early” launch of the Palmarola business terminal, temporary mobile beaconing (signaling and lighting) is required.

In order not to waste this investment, when Palmarola changes the firm structure, it will be reused at another airport or aerodrome in the country.

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Palmarola’s expected start-up works include the post office, wiring, transformers, controllers and other components to send power to airports, including Palmerola’s land and airfields.

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It is also planned to invest in a “temporary” mobile sewage treatment plant for the new international terminal to replace Doncont.

The same mandate instructs Incep to carry out related activities within the framework of current legal provisions to divert the approved budget to the company for funding equipment or construction, supervision, installation and equipment and work. For advance operation Palmerola International Airport.

The order is valued at $ 2,184,782, or about 52.9 million lambs.

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Article 4 of the same decree orders the start of the airport corridor repair process Dongont Airport Estimated size $ 3.6 million or equivalent: 87.3 million Lembras. It also comes from Insep’s budget lines.

The decision comes despite the same government deciding to hand over Doncont’s operations to Palmerola International Airport (PIA), the same operator of the new terminal in Palmarola, Coma.

Roberto Pineta, Head of Incep, announced Thursday Heraldo Plus The transition from Doncanton to Palmerla is defined as three phases: the beginning of the first job, the second migration phase and the third migration.

It is scheduled to launch at 85 per cent with an advanced terminal in all its configurations and is expected to be ready for operation by the end of November 15.

+: About 45 curves and two long lines separate Pamarola from Tegucigalpa

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The tasks of the grantee are practically done by the facilitator and only the airport works are done exclusively by Incep, he explained.

Approving Order 099-2021, the two airports, Pamrola and Donconton, approving 140 million Lamborghini, operated by a private company, Pineta justified, “This is a support for the entire operation of Pamarola and the country they enter into. With all the conditions established.”

Will public funds be approved in addition to $ 46.2 million in 2019? The Herald. Pineda confirmed that “these are additional funds for additional work that arose within the construction process.”

What else: Palmerola is the smallest shirt and the farthest airport in Central America

According to the official, the project is complex, in which many companies are involved and many situations arose in the construction process that have logically created other options that international companies demand for the projects.

Toncontin has already managed about $ 3.6 million to upgrade the route FurtherPineta only explained that they were working on the process of improving it because it had been bad for so long.

But if the operations are carried out by the same Palmarola offer, is it not their responsibility to make that investment? Heraldo Plus. “No, at this moment the Doncanton is not practically delivered to Palmarola. He defended that the works were delayed due to natural phenomena such as Etta and Iota and the Govt-19 epidemic, which caused a delay in the arrival of equipment.

Also: Palmerola will remain until the end of certification

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