Daisy Sports: Pedro Troclio asked Honduras for total control of the process and U20 until 2026; Economic Area Fixed – Ten

In the next few hours or days, there will be a new coach for the Honduras national team, who will be trying to straighten the gauntlet for the 2022 World Cup, replacing Fabian Coyote. Today is the Argentina Channel Daisy Sports reported In which We were running until ten Since last Sunday: Pedro Troclio has already agreed on the economy and not only the details of the sports issue to sign the contract.

According to Daisy Sports, Petro asked the selection commission not only to complete the already lost dive, but also to continue the process for the next match for the 2026 World Cup in the United States. Mexico and Canada.

See Jorge Luis Pinto received the call from Honduras

“Pedro Troclio could join the command of a national team at Argentina’s extensive list. Daisy Sports reported.

At this time, Fenafut does not deny or confirm the information. DIEZ attended an emergency meeting at the Fenafood box at the Olympic Stadium last Wednesday, where they decided to cut Guido, where they contacted Colombian coach Jorge Luis Pinto, who was already in Honduras, and picked up a table called Pedro. Troclio.

“Troglio’s demands are related to the games: he asked for total control of the 2026 World Cup process and the Under-20s. Money, for its part, is already organized,” the Argentine sports channel explained on its website.

Pinto integrated and polo option

Yesterday, George Luis Pinto confirmed to Colombian radio station Karagol that he had received a call from the chairman of the selection commission and members of the Fenafut who had appointed him, but who had been born in Santor, Colombia, had given them 24 hours to respond if they had already accepted the complex challenge of returning to Bicolor.

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Argentina coach Pedro Troclio has won the championship three times in Olympia since his arrival in 2019. Images TEN

DIEZ learned that the table also has the name of Colombian coach Hernan “Pollillo” Gomez, who last qualified for Panama for the 2018 World Cup in Russia and is currently unemployed. Only these three candidates will be managed by Fenafut and the new coach will be known after next week or this weekend.

Honduras must win nine games in practice to be in balance. It adds only three units to the last place in the octagon and gets Panama to finish the first round of the tournament on November 12 and on the 16th of the same month, attendance for Costa Rica is measured, which is similar to the World Cup.

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