Anel Norena, the world’s heir apparent to Jose, is 76 years old

Anel Norena was caught in a bathing suit.

Photo: Archive / Reform Institute

Anor Norena Captured Swimsuit When the terrace is ready for sunlight Televisa, He is currently participating as a section presenter in the ‘Hoi’ project.

The person responsible for exposing the former model and mother of two older children Jose Jose Show journalist Shanick Berman, Through a video posted on his official Instagram account, revealed the reason why he was wearing a black swimsuit.

I caught Anel Norena as a red-hand with her swimsuit as she goes sunbathing on the terrace of the television at the end of the Hoy project. Look at what Jose Jose ate“He wrote at the base of the publication, which has been recreated more than 15,000 times.

The global heir to the “Prince of Song” will be part of a list of stars participating in a dance competition organized by the same morning broadcast, where they will test their skills on the track.

The famed 76-year-old journalist posed in front of the camera, where he also had the opportunity to acknowledge sunlight as one of his secrets to keeping his feet healthy, which will soon be needed in his new feature as a dancer.

Doing sunbathing on the terrace because it gives incredible dosage to my legs, they hurt me during the rehearsal the other day. I’m going to dance, I want to dance well“, You ask mom Marisol Y Jose Joel.

In addition to showing off your best dance steps, Anor Norena, With the help of his legal team, continues to search for assets and liabilities that the Mexican translator may have left behind, following the reading of the will on April 5, where Officially declared the global heir and executor of the translator “El Triste” and “I left you.”

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We are very pleased that the will was read legally and legally, where Mrs. Ana Elena Norena Bull is the global heir apparent“, He explained to his son in front of the media.

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