“You’re sad, you’re ashamed”

Alexander Delcado replied to Condito Fabra: “You are sad, you are not ashamed” (Photo: Cuba is not Miami / Alexander Delcado-Instagram)

Cuban singer Alexander Delcado broadcast live from Instagram to show his support for the San Isitro Movement (MSI) and the UNPACU strikers. In addition, the leader of Gente de Sona had the opportunity to send a strong message to the musician, who in recent weeks has become another spokesman for the regime: Condito Fabre.

Alexander urges Cuban people not to be fooled by the lies spread about funding and dissent for the MSI in Cuban television news broadcasts.

“You yourself, Condito Fabre, you are sad. You are disrespectful, you are very talented, you are making good progress, but you know everything that happens there and you owe it to yourself, “said El Monarca of the Santiago-based singer.

“What homeland or what death? You are a chin, you live well. You are funded by that government, you deserve a peso. I have no value for you. The worst thing is, you support those lies,” he added.

Delcado promised that his group was not “the enemy” but “supportive of all ordinary Cubans.” “Artists need to join the side of the truth, stop talking so much … keep yourself in favor of the people, stop doing things for your benefit,” Reckton concluded.

New song written by Condito Fabre in support of the Cuban regime

The song war was unleashed after the release of the theme song Homeland and life A few weeks ago, Condito joined Fabre, who said, “I belong to the homeland or death”. Fabre’s material uses images of artists and other Cuban personalities demanding the deportation of Cuba and the end of the dictatorial government.

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“I belong to the homeland or death. A warrior I pull here. Put coconut in it. Remember. That war is useless here and there ”, which is a phrase that is repeated over and over in the video, which lasts more than 5 minutes with a refrain.

“If you want to salute the Cubans, the chains of the American siege will be broken,” Fabre says openly without naming names, but the message is addressed to Alexis Valdes and the singers Homeland and life: Yoduel Romero, doubles Gente de Sona, Dessemer Bueno and Machel Castillo (Osorbo); And presenter Alexander Ottola.

In another part of the audiovisual, Fabre sings, “If you were Marty, you must have been faithful,” in an association run by political activists Eliza Avila and Rosa Maria Boy, showing pictures of them.

“They are over 60 years old. We are cultured. We are free. People who live with the little things we have are here. People who do not give up. Country or death. Vinceremos ”, concludes the song, adding to the long list of songs Homeland and life.

Fabre had already come out to defend the attacks on the “revolution” as a result of Yodul’s song.

“The revolution should not be criticized for anything. Perhaps the revolution is going through some difficult times, but men are the culprits, those who fail to appreciate that the revolution is one of the greatest works of humanity. “

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