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Everyone is looking forward to the next release , Google’s operating system will release its twelfth version in September. A lot of users are already buying new cell phones to enjoy Android 12, however, this can be a huge burden because you have to convert all the multimedia files from your old device to the new one. In this post we will teach you a trick to transfer information between two mobiles very simply and step by step.

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Sending information from an old mobile to a newly purchased mobile will no longer be a headache because this trick is easier than we will show below. It is important to make it clear that you need two very important requirements to do this: The first two must be cell phones ; Second, they must have Android 10 or higher version.

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Make the first mobile backup copy

  • Go to ‘Phone Settings’. You can usually find a cokewheel (gear) icon.
  • Now, go to ‘Accounts and Backup’.
  • In this area you should find and press the ‘Create Backup Data’ option.
  • Finally, select all the applications and click on ‘Backup’.

Why am I doing this? The simplest thing to do in this practice is to make a copy of all the information you currently have stored on your mobile. All data of the applications installed on the device will be stored.

Follow all the steps mentioned above and everything is ready to send the information to the new device. It is recommended that both cell phones have 100% battery and be unlocked during the transfer process.

Transfer all data to new phone

  • Go to ‘Settings’ on your new smartphone and go to ‘System’.
  • Now, go to ‘Accounts’.
  • Click ‘Add Account’ and select Google.
  • Enter your email address (the address you registered on the old cell phone).
  • Then you need to enable the ‘Sync data automatically’ option.
  • The device will give you the option to retrieve or copy old mobile data, select Copy from the cloud.
  • Finally, the exchange of information will begin (may take a few minutes).

Android 12 is a mobile operating system developed by the Google-led Open Handset Alliance. It will officially come next September and come by clicking You know it will be available on any Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Motorola and Nokia mobiles.

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