Match Summary Necaxa vs Cruz Azul (1-2). Goals

The third is charming to him Cruz Azul raises Liga MX Champion He entered the house Nexa and won it 2-1 With the goal of success Santiago Kimenes.

Students of Juan Rhinoso do not know if this opening will be a success in 2021, They took advantage of the fact that the rays were bad, so they came out with success Victoria Stadium; The good news for cement manufacturers is that they have not been able to win, but have been able to succeed D.I.e.Returns such as Jonathan Rodriguez, Orbelin Pineta and Yoshimer Jotten.

The rays have 3 losses And things Guillermo Vasquez They start to get complicated, which is why they went home in search of a goal.

Alan Medina 5 q in the first shot minuteIt went over Andres Gudino’s goal.

Pineta replied With the ball failing to control at 10 ‘ I let her go.

It was 19 ‘when it was 1’. Cruz took advantage of Azul Overflowing on the right in the center of a Juan Escobar, he wanted to run Brian Anglo, but the Nexa defender, Fabricio Formiliano sent her to defend his own goal.

It was marked immediately Penalty for Necaxa, Pulled into an area considered good at 26 ‘ 27 & # 39; Alejandro Gentajes scored 1-1.

Already in the second part and with Capsida Rodriguez in court, The machine was clear with the Uruguayan, who Made a shot in the small area The one who stopped him efficiently, was Edgar Hernandez.

Cement manufacturers recovered at 71 ‘ When Santiago Kimenes Scored within the areaAfter a filtered pass from Arpelan, it was called out of place, but not yet and Cruz Azul made it 2-1.

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In the final section The Nexa He searched and was close. Moro Guerrero had one of the 73 ‘ And 77 ‘, Formiliano Auguston could not reach a ball below Oliveros.

In front Whistle wellWhen Maxi Salas was 91 and shot from above with a ball that had leaked to him, he was without any genteas. Not yet, 3 points are for the sky.

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