Paulino’s Super 2021 surpassed Felix Sanchez by records and achievements

2021 will be the best year Myrtle Palino. At least until now. After his overwhelming victory in the 400-meter race this Friday Tokyo Olympics Can fight more.

With his youth, when the Paris 2024 Games are held, he will have all the skills to crown a golden day in the setting of this skill, albeit in a different arena.

The Merrill silver medal It reflects the whole year of her majesty, beyond the metal.

Don Grigorio (Niso, Pervia)’s own athlete entered the history of the Dominican athletics, and it should be talked about before and after her.

In the all-time rankings of the World Athletics Federation (formerly the International Federation of Athletics), he became the second best Ibero-American athlete in history; 48.89 seconds behind Ana Gabriela Guevara (Mexico) and With his time, he ranks 18th on the list of the best 400 meters of all time.

Let’s look at other points:

Despite being a mixed relay team, she was the first Dominican female athlete to reach the podium. Chrismary Santana was the first female weightlifter at a solo event.

Became the first athlete (male or female) to win two medals in the same edition of the Olympics.

He has won at least two medals at the Olympics, along with Felix Sanchez (two gold, Athens 2004 / London 2012) and Luglin Santos (two silver, London 2012 / Tokyo 2020).

That’s in terms of gifts.

According to athletic historian Arisnal Rodriguez, Paulino broke his record five times this 2021 season, a unique case for an athlete and only six times by Maria Garcia. In a general sense, Garcia is a hammer thrower, but if he splits, one is on track and the other on the field.

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No athlete (male / female) achieved what Garcia did, who did it six times and Paulino, five tracks. Outside of Garcia, Don Gregorio excelled in his line-up, surpassing even the famed Felix Sanchez, breaking his 400-meter hurdles four times at the 1999 Pan American Games in Winnipeg. Canada

Paulino began his record-setting journey on March 27, 2021 with Isaac Okando calling 50.31 in Baiguana; Then on May 22, 2021 (50.25), Hulwa (Spain) XVI Ibero-US meeting on June 3, 2021 (49.99), then in the semifinals at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium, Jane Bariso interior at the Andazar (Spain) meeting. The final was recorded at 49.38 and 49.20.

With this 2021 performance, Paulino became the Dominican Republic record holder, as well as the best in the region.

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