After losing a leg, Juan Pablo Medina causes damage to the bowel

After being informed that the actor Juan Pablo Medina He was hospitalized for a thrombosis, which led to the loss of one of his legs, New reports also point to that He had a bowel injury.

According to the ‘Ventanando’ project, the actor has revealed a close source regarding the recovery. However, the attention-grabbing detail revealed it After the thrombosis, he suffered severe damage to the bowel and had to have it removed.

“The actor’s health report refers to this incident It also affected his gut“, Journalist Rosario Murritta began by explaining.

“The most intimate and reliable sources told us Thrombosis affected the intestines. It looks like They must be removed to perform all treatments. Then he kicked the legs and they were able to save one leg, not the other. Everything indicates that he is recovering, ”he declared.

Finally, it was highlighted Medina is stable, Surrounded by rescue and his family and his girlfriend, Colombian actress Paulina Devila.

Juan Pablo’s health is still a concern for thousands of his fans I don’t know when you can leave the hospital He is detained from Mexico City.

While the actor was working on the shooting of a new project, he began to feel unwell and was immediately transferred to medical staff to treat him.

They confirm that Juan Pablo Medina had his leg amputated due to a venous thrombosis

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