“Without sponsors, it would cost $600,000”

Lele Pons and Guayna They tied the knot on March 4 in a dream wedding full of real luxuries. World-renowned faces like C attended the reunionHayan, Sebastian Yatra and Aidana, Justin Quiles, Natty Natasha, Manuel Turizo, Peggy G or Paris Hilton; In short, a star-studded party. How could it be otherwise, a ceremony with these guests should be equal and boyish.

The wedding took place in Miami, and it was a real feast not only for the protagonists, but for all the participants. Music is the main ingredient as many are highly regarded artists. There is no dearth of dances, videos and many, many laughs that will evoke and remember an indelible memory for all. Now, Lele and Kuyna wanted to reveal a detail that will undoubtedly interest their followers.

Lele Pons: “Without sponsors, it would cost $600,000”

The influencer and singer have given their first interview since getting married Honeymoon in Dubai, where they have spent a few days enjoying their engagement. In it they have revealed All costs of that eventA quantity that can only be purchased by people with a high purchasing power of two.

Ponce assured that it was very difficult for her to give an exact number and that it corresponded to reality, but she finally agreed. “Without sponsors, it would cost $600,000”. “It could have cost, but I said no, I don’t want it. At the end of it all, with sponsors, it’s $300,000.”He was recognized on the Impulsive Podcast.

For his part, Guina points out that the amount was higher than what his wife claimed: “$400,000”, he confirmed. The newlyweds do not agree on the exact number of their magnificent wedding, but what is clear is that the celebration of these characteristics is only accessible to personalities of that talent.

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