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Andres Hurtado was surprised by his birthday during his last show, but he was not satisfied with what the staff had prepared. He opined that this is disrespectful.

This is not expected. Andres Hurtado Celebrating another year of life with his regular crew. Regarding the important festival, “Saturday with Andres“Not imagining that the well-known host would not take it well, she prepared a pleasant surprise for him. A small cake and a little decoration made it popular.”SibolinDescribe the account they had of him as “absurd”. So, later, he told his producer the truth.

Although he was initially grateful for the small gesture, he insisted that he had received better things like a five-tiered cake in previous years. The comments expressed by the Panamericana TV figure surprised the producer, who could not hide his discomfort at the direct complaints. Nevertheless, he took it in stride and responded to him. “Truth, Andrés, I forgot your saint,” he explained.

Andres Hurtado disparages Melissa Paredes’ “Brendate.”

Andrés Hurtado is not a fan of the new Panamericana plan. The host was asked his thoughts on “Light It Up” and his answer was pretty straightforward. “Which channel is it from? (Drivers Carla, Metich and Melissa Paredes). Yeah, really? I don’t know (…) I’m just imagining… what is it? Is it a program? Is it on cable?” he exclaimed.

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