Bad Bunny will fight against The Miss at WrestleMania!

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From his breakdown in music to what he is considered to be the best star to date, Bad Bunny has not hidden his obsession for WWE, and now he is about to fulfill one of his dreams: Fight in WrestleMania !.

After weeks of competition, blows and insults, this Monday Night Raw, Miss officially challenged Puerto Rican to fight on the world’s highest stage, the Luca Libre.

The singer responded to the challenge with a new attack on the former WWE champion.

Minutes later, WWE made it official. The Bat Rabbit will face the Awesome, and in a fight they will have Damien Priest and John Morrison in their corners.

How did it start?

In January, Bad Bunny sang at a special event at the Royal Rumble, and a day later on Raw, he was invited to The Miss Show, where things went out of hand.

Over the next few weeks, everything happened. Benito’s attack on Morrison, he won the championship 24/7 and strong guitar in the back.

With this adventure in the ring, Bad Bunny continues to be a hit with his music, he was voted the best composer of 2020 and his last 3 albums have been highly listened to on digital platforms.

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