Google Introduces Chrome Design: How to Try It

The browser added two design changes to help users.

Aiming at design change, Google Chrome Made some minor changes to its interface to avoid confusion among users and make the use of the browser more optimized.

Mods are not yet available to all users, but they can be activated in a simple way. However, for now, they are only aimed at the PC web version.

The first one was created with the idea of ​​distinguishing the tab bar from the browser frame, for this they put the border in a light blue tone, which expresses that contrast and for some it was not clear before and there was no way. Although it is possible to change the color of the browser, to solve it.

The browser added two design changes to help users.
Added two design changes to help browser users.

The other change is in the appearance of some buttons and text boxes, which now take on a more rounded shape in Notes. One example is what’s happening with the Favorites bar, which is radically changing its square style.

Those are the two changes for now Google That adds to the platform, taking into account that they are just starting to add redesigns and that it could be the start of a major rebuild this year.

By the end of 2022 the browser had several changes in its functionality, such as the search bar and another to reduce energy and memory consumption.

The browser added two design changes to help users.
Added two design changes to help browser users.

As these are changes in development, users will not see the change by opening or refreshing the browser. You need to install it to try it Google Chrome Canary, It is a version that allows you to enjoy the functions in the trial process.

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This site is installed as a standalone program, so it does not affect the history or data of the standard version of the browser. To get it, you need to follow the following steps:

1. Go to this link and download the app.

2. Open Chrome Canary and type the following address: chrome://flags/#chrome-refresh-2023.

3. A new tab will open with several options, so look for the one that says ‘Chrome Refresh 2023’ and select the ‘Enabled’ option from the drop-down menu on the right.

4. Restart Google Chrome Canary and you are done.

From a shortcut to delete data to blocking in incognito mode, browser messages.
From a shortcut to delete data to blocking in incognito mode, browser messages.

Considering users’ security and privacy, Google Announced a series of new features for the browser, which are now available to all users.

One of them is a simple but functional addition. This is a shortcut to delete data while using the platform. By typing ‘clear browsing data’ into the search bar, a shortcut will appear which will take the user to a panel where they can configure the deletion of this information.

An option to add a layer of security to incognito mode is also enabled. The platform allows that when a tab is closed it is protected and can only be reopened with biometric verification.

This option is available for existing users iOS, But the platform used it for people with the platform Android. To configure it, you need to enable Chrome Settings > Privacy & Security > “Block incognito tabs when closing Chrome”.

Finally, in the Security Check or Security Check section, more customized functions are now added to start alerts depending on the websites visited, notifying people if the system detects compromised passwords or harmful extensions, thus focusing the tool to maintain user security.

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