Ana Barbara outdoes all the lying carritos movement with this song

Ana Barbara And Juan Carlos Muniz Erives are the creators “short people”song with “Rubber Queen” Winning over international audiences as his singles topped charts MonitorLATINOThey promise that it is one of the favorites of the people in Mexico.

It should be pointed out that MonitorLATINO Charting songs based on airplay on radio stations in Latin American countries and Hispanic radio stations in the United States, one of Ana Barbara’s new singles is known to be a hit with audiences.

The song is number one. Screenshot IG/anabarbaramusic

“Jente Cacha” Lyrics by Ana Barbara

“You may have noticed how strong I am
That I don’t need much of your heart
You always criticize my attitude
I don’t like your acting anymore

I know what my personality is to you
Sorry, but you’re not going to fool anyone else
Your stupid threats won’t get me down
It’s clear to me that you don’t know how to lose

Ana Barbara launches her tour “Bandidos Tour” (dates and prices).

The famous Mexican has already started a tour, he is called “Bandidos Tour”, events are planned in the United States, and he has not yet announced whether he will make a long trip to Mexico, but his fans on social networks are not lost. Hope to see your favorite artist in different states of the republic.

What is known is that there is already a day for him to come out with his music collection National AuditoriumEl, the date he will be presented at the highest place is October 14, Saturday, which has moved all those who follow his life in addition to such topics. “the bandit” And others know that “Loca” published during his first recordings or during new recordings, prove that they are true followers of San Luis Potosí from Rio Verde.

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Nakshatra is one of the composers. Screenshot IG/anabarbaramusic

In charge of opening the events is Majo Aguilar, who unveiled a different and fresh program. Farm music But apart from sharing the stage as one piece, they have declared that they are more than happy for this great opportunity.

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