American fans thank Irrakori for taking Aguilera away

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Then Emanuel Aguilera left the United States To join the champion Atlas lineup, Azulgrima became a fan Novelty title To the owner of the red and black painting and Santos, Alejandro Irarrragorri, He said “thank you” for removing that player even from above They called him the “candidate” for the position of head of the eagles..

The Copa team followers mocked him for promising that Irrawaddy felt American colors, Giving top priority and in addition Buy Diego Valdes, He removed Leo Suarez, Will now be a Warriors player, and a much-loved defender to defender Aguilera.

“Don Alejandro Ascarga Erragori”, One of the hundreds of comments made on Twitter, read with Alejandro Irorragori’s photomontage with the USA jacket.

“Even those from Atlas do not like Irrawaddy as much as we do.”Some comments point out, “Mr. Erragori is doing the very best job they did in Copa in recent years, he sent us his best man, and he’s taking the worst from us.”

“March to put ‘IRARRAGORRI’ in a tunnel at Azteca Stadium”, Another that was released this Tuesday, following the news of Aguilera, the central defender who won the 2018 Aberdeen title by the Eagles.

American fans are asking Bruno Valdes to leave now

Optional is already “on track”, Eagle prejudice changed the name of Bruno Valdes to a trend The next is to be safe Leave the club, Has been highly questioned in recent matches for incredible mistakes in major matches.

Memes and tweets from Emanuel Aguilera to Atlas


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