Allison Loss revealed the reason for not working again at Chloe Opera

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Allison Loss He started his acting career at an early age, Participated in children’s soap operas Alegriges and Repujos Y SOS work Then I star in the novel To hell with the beauties It deserves an award TvyNovelas What Best Young Actress in 2009. More than 10 years away from the cameras, the former actress commented that she would never return to recording forums.

Because Los said he was out of the art world She focuses on her personal life, with her husband and daughters, and on the religion she follows. His last appearance on open television was in the novel In the name of love, His acting partners thought he would be back on stage soon, but it did not happen because it was not an emotional decision, but something completely serious.

Alison admits that her life as an actress is very sad (Photo: Instagram / @ allisson_lozanoofcial)
Alison admits that her life as an actress is very sad (Photo: Instagram / @ allisson_lozanoofcial)

“I think everyone said: ‘He’s going to come back later, it’s a streak.’ I remember some people giving interviews saying ‘in a little while, he will be back’ but it was not a streak, It’s not something emotional, it’s something very serious. “, Sivavahan shared via a live account on his Instagram account.

Jehovah’s Witness revealed that it was safer for her to choose to leave the believer’s room I need time for “my spirituality”She also commented that she made the best decision because her husband came into her life and had daughters many years later.

That her fans questioned the former actress If I ever go to a soap opera, But Allison Rejected the idea of ​​returning to some small screen programAfter this, he thanked his audience for their affection, but reminded them of it Her star led a sad life for her.

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Alison also attended the event "Rebellion" (Photo: ி Allisonlos / FP)
Alison also appeared on “Rebel” (Photo: ll Allisonlose / FP)

“Now with ‘Reels’ some people say to me: ‘You have to go back to the novels, you’re a good actress.’ Thanks for being a good actress, but it’s not really, but how she develops the media, it’s sad, alone.In my experience it was like this, I didn’t speak for everyone, but in my experience it was like that. I was so lonely I saw everyone alone, ”Los declared.

He reminded his followers that his work in various productions began at the age of nine and had seven records without a break, so he had to get out of the way.

The protagonist In the name of love He has described other moments of his life on his social networks, and in May this year as well After giving birth to her second daughter Sydney, she had a severe episode of acne, Although she tried to cover it with makeup, she could not solve the problem.

Precisely diseased acne can be seen in the picture (Photo: llAllissonLozz / Twitter.)
Precisely diseased acne can be seen in the picture (Photo: llAllissonLozz / Twitter.)

This rash on your skin Caused great damage to their self-esteemLos had soft skin even in his teens. “The truth is, I didn’t photograph myself at the time because it was a horrible thing. My self-esteem was a lot lower, and as a teenager I never had acne. I have never lived with such a thing. “

The former actress admitted that her face was full of scars and felt it was somewhat unpleasant. “I don’t even want to see myself in the mirror. Broadcasting me is very rare, “he said in a live broadcast.

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In the same video, Alison began working as a table makeup consultant for a year, revealing that after being inactive on some payroll for 10 years, the word job made her panic. “I remembered work as similar to stress, similar to not seeing my family, similar to being exhausted, and having zero time for spirituality. In my mind all the work was like this”.

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