Alfredo Adam’s son confides in a few drops that his father has anger issues

  • Sebastian Adam explained that his father was diagnosed with a mental health problem years ago.

  • Alfredo Adam was questioned about his anger management problems and why he did not seek psychotherapy.

Alfredo Adam It has been embroiled in many controversies and setbacks. Not only the famous fight with Carlos Trejo, street fights also gave the actor one after another and left him with facial injuries; The most recent one was when he was hit by a car stick.

And, it seems Alfredo Adam “It’s raining and pouring” because a few days ago his truck exploded due to a short circuit in the electrical system near his house. However, the actor said in a recent interview that he will investigate what caused the explosion “He has many enemies,” he assures.

On the other hand, his appearance at the press conference of the LGBTQ+ community has sparked a new controversy, as his presence was not well received, even his own son Sebastian was disappointed because his father did not show up. Sympathy with society.

Sebastian Adam explained his father’s situation this way

Sebastian Adam reveals that his father has anger issues with a few drops

In standard cases, Alfredo Adam He has been asked to seek therapy or psychotherapy to address his behavioral issues. Before that, the actor refused and, as he said in interviews, said he didn’t need treatment because he was a “happy man.”

For his part, Sebastian Adam Interviewed by Gustavo Adolfo Infante on various topics including his father and his anger management issues. Alfredo is Adam’s youngest son He told the ‘De Primera Mano’ driver that his father was diagnosed with mental health problems years ago.

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The youngest son of Adam revealed it, His father was irregularly taking drops prescribed by a psychiatrist. This can make his behavior problems worse. According to Sebastian, Alfredo Adam did not follow the doctor’s instructions and was not given enough drops to treat his problem.

“Yes, he was diagnosed with something and went to a psychiatrist years ago. He sent him some drops to take, and he stopped taking them in his stupidity, then the dose was increased, and then he cut them off and followed them. That’s what made him so big,” explained Sebastian, who asked his father to return to therapy to address his behavioral issues.

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