Al-Fitr writes about how American democracy has succeeded in attempts at chaos

Zafra News – Written by – Hanin Al Bidar

I stand helpless in the face of the news coming to us from the United States, which is a huge layer of events and expectations, which distinguishes the richness of the groups that make up one of the rarest aspects of democracy and human rights, for which the United States is famous from time to time, except that facts, events and names are presented to us in knowledge circles. In a balanced and isolated manner, with the widespread and dynamic development of American and humanitarian society, the cultures of different countries and situations between different peoples of the world and the global relationship continue to be discussed. .

What has happened in the United States over the past two days is that the viewer of the American press regrets what he sees in comparison with the richness of its contents, and it is pertinent to refer to the issue of cowboys (cowboys) in the American West, and to reward the number of scalps who have been beaten by American atrocities with oppression and destruction. Native Americans before and after the American Civil War and its aftermath were bounty hunters.

When Trump told his white supporters that the storm of the current congressional building, with the support of current President Donald Trump, creates the rich ancient civilizations of the time, not only in the United States, but in the world, but a strength, not a weakness, it creates a decent place in the American Museum of Life, if it is included in the set of presidential decrees Republican Americans and U.S. Vice President (Mike Pence) to present pathetic reasons before confirming the victory of Democratic nominee John Biden; What did the Russian President (Yeltson) do when the British colonialists attacked the US Parliament building several centuries ago by bombing the building (parliament) of the world (Russian Duma) with Russian tank guns?

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We were a little late to talk about the (Capitol) building storm, we waited and stopped before the bloody events, or the confusing point of Donald Trump’s failed coup attempt against American justice.

The evangelist Mike Pence refused, the Republicans turned against Trump and with all their might, this was what the American people demanded that Trump try and remove him ten days before the end of his term.

Caesar’s family members (Trump) and several entourage submitted their resignations, and the museum went public until the middle of the week, with special restrictions imposed on Trump, forced him to wear tights, and Twitter completely shutting down his accounts, as well as entertainment parties for tiles on white people’s halls. Were arranged, or parliamentary inquiry when his government employees resigned from their posts he should resign. .

Hundreds of thousands of parliamentarians, cowardly Americans, policy leaders and many other political figures turned against this president and presented his experimental visions, which in recent days ended the circle by groups against him until he came to the conclusion that he was unfit to lead and that he was suffering from mental health problems.

Large-scale Americans have developed a shocking vision of producing anti-dictatorship, rotten and hypersonic products

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