After the case with Pepilo, Ana Maria Alvarado sends a message to Ailan Mujica

The show’s host and journalist have caused great controversy Juan Jose OrijHe, and after he announced his return to Miami, Florida; In the United States, to get a second dose Vaccine Against him Govt 19, Criticisms and comments about it did not come for a long time.

It was like that Aileen Mujica, Who is on the full broadcast of the project Tell me what you know, Promised ‘Pepillo‘The fence exploded not only for being vaccinated in a country where he does not live, but also for being shown on social networks. This caused Origami to respond with a post on social networks where he was reminded of some things from his past.

As expected, the beautiful Cuban comrades defended her and blamed Juan Jose for his little heroism. But someone else came along to defend the origami in this case, and it was the compiler Ana Maria Alvarado, Who is in the program First hand He expressed his opinion on the matter and sent a message to Aylan.

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Ana Maria admitted that Pepilo was wrong to think she had been vaccinated a second time against the coyote, but with a comment to a Mexican journalist, Mujica insisted that: “He criticized him harshly, not because he criticized her, but catch if he’s going to enter the game.”He told the cameras.

After calculating all the problems, Gustavo Adolfo Infonde He gave an audio where Cuban said his comments were not because he wanted to shoot origami, but because he thought he was not doing the right thing. In light of these reports, Alvarado pointed out that the actress’ words were not honest and that she wanted to sacrifice herself for what had happened: “She will never take responsibility for what she says. It is great that you do your job as a commentator, but you have to accept the consequences of your comments; The one who takes it endures ”. Added.

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Ana Maria Alvarado

Presenter Juan Jose promised that he was a handsome man and that the Cuban, who was a commentator on the shows, had already faced two conflicts because of his comments; He also sent him a message: “At first it was Vicente Fernandez Jr.. He wanted to wash his hands, and now too. If you do not like things that are already forgotten on your face, I respectfully recommend that you measure your opinions. “

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