Neighbors oppose the removal of a green space

February 28, 2021 – 01:02
The government plans to build a school on a “historic field” for the residents of the 9 de Julio neighborhood.

Neighbors of the Campo Verde neighborhood oppose the Government building a school on a green space (court) where different activities are practiced. The neighborhood community is not opposed to the construction of the educational establishment, but wants the authorities to find another place to carry out the work.

It should be noted that there are already antecedents where the Government wanted to take over the same space, but the opposition of the neighbors managed to make, at that time, a Nest in another space in the same neighborhood.

“For more than two years we have been taking care of this green space with all the neighbors. There are teachers who provide sports activities, with whom we take care of keeping the place in good condition. In addition, we not only use it but also the people who come from neighboring neighborhoods, “explained Daniel Chorolque, a neighbor in charge of the field.

On the other hand, Chorolque pointed out that the residents’ commitment to prevent the work is due to the fact that “the field has more than 50 years of history” and that it is considered an “icon” of the neighborhood.

“Today there are young people who are dedicated to sports and who practice different activities and we do not want that to end,” he said.

Finally, the residents denounce that on Wednesday, February 24, the company in charge of the work approached the place to make measurements and drive the stakes to start construction, a situation they opposed and from the company they had to leave.

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“Due to the pandemic, they took advantage of the fact that the field was left and they sent people to take measurements,” said the neighbor.

“We present notes to the Ministry of Education and Governor Morales to solve it,” he concluded.

Symbolic hug
Today, February 28, in the afternoon, the residents of the Campo Verde neighborhood will hold a symbolic hug on the field in opposition to the construction of the school in that green space. They will present posters and go to various media to disseminate this in search of attention from the authorities. They await responses from the local government.

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